Fishertown Office: P.O. Box 184, 2262 Quaker Valley Road, Fishertown, PA 15539        814-401-1063
Ebensburg Office: 3135 New Germany Road, Suite 37, Ebensburg, PA 15931       814-846-5189
TM Homes

Mission Statement

Of all your possessions, a new home is a reflection of you. It is a source of pride and security, serving as the center of your family's life while providing a place for them to grow. The appearance of your new home and the environment it creates will convey your own personal identity. Beyond all of the personal rewards it offers your family, your new home can be the best financial investment for your future.

Our current staff has more than 50 years combined construction experience building more than 400 new homes. You can rest assured your home is being built by experienced professionals.

We pledge to do our best to make planning and building your new home a pleasant and exciting experience. No hassles and no high pressure! We offer no-cost site inspections, financial pre-qualifications, plan reviews, estimating, etc.

TM Homes

Our Mission is Simple

  • Build each home as if it were our own.
  • Use only quality materials.
  • Use the best subcontractors available.
  • Give the customer a price break by using high volume, low mark-up techniques to provide competitive pricing.
  • Use only the latest construction technology with an emphasis on energy efficiency.
  • Give our customers service of the highest quality possible by assisting with the entire project: finding a building site, obtaining all necessary permits, and helping to arrange financial packages to suit your individual needs.